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    Secretly desire to have quality sex with your partner?


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    Hi, I'm Tazima.

    I am passionate about helping women experience REAL intimate satisfaction and happiness in their relationships.


    Let's be real... Relationships Are Hard! 
    The default tools we've been given do not set us up for success. It is frustrating. And I can help.

    Single? I can help you attract the RIGHT partner who really GETS you.

    Committed or Married? I can help you cultivate a high-quality connection with your partner.


    What if I told you that you can have the relationship you want? That is absolutely possible for you.



    If you are...


    - NOT getting the quantity or quality of sex you want -

    - having negative feelings towards yourself or your partner because of it -

    - unsure of how to communicate your desires -

    - discouraged about ongoing communication issues with your partner -

    - READY to have the fulfilling relationship you have been wanting for so long -


    ...then we should talk.


    I am 100% committed to helping you achieve a major breakthrough in your relationship. Whenever you're ready, click below to schedule a COMPLIMENTARY 45-minute Initial Chat with me. This initial chat helps me get to know you better and understand how I might be of most service.


    I'm excited to connect with you!

    Get Clear!


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  • Kathy W. (38 y)

    "Before Tazima, it was Netflix & chill with my cat instead of dating men. After 4 years of being VERY single and a few painful breakups, I'm so happy to be seeing a really great guy."

    Donna R. (61 y)

    "With Tazima's help, I learned about my body and rediscovered pleasure after decades of boredom in the bedroom."

    Jennifer J. (38 y)

    "I am finally getting exactly the attention and intimacy from my husband I have been wanting for years."

    Hannah P. (40 y)

    "OMG! This woman is a miracle worker."

    Nancy G. (23 y)

    "Best. Breakup. Ever.... Now I don't waste time with guys who don't want the same thing."

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