• Podcast/Media Appearances

    Check out some of the fun podcasts and other media appearances. You'll certainly get insights, tips, or spicy things to try. Click the pics for links.

    Tao of Po Podcast Ep.005

    A fantastically fun romp of a conversation getting real about sex, self-pleasure, & kink with my friend and colleague, Po-Hong Yu.

    Wild & Sublime Podcast S3E7

    A chat with host, Karen Yates, & fellow panelists to discuss changes in sex and dating during the pandemic, plus music, and a storyteller shares a tale of an afternoon hookup gone wrong. 

    Dating is Such a Drag Podcast Ep3

    Loads of fun with hosts Jeanne Sullivan & Lady Portia talking about the ins & outs of sex, dating, and relating. 

    Five Easy Things Podcast Ep75

    Lots of laughs and insights as I shared some of my best quick tips for better sex and pleasure with Five Easy Things host Yolanda Albergottie.

    Wild & Sublime Podcast S3E2

    A fab conversation w/ host Karen Yates about kink myths and how kink can be used to reframe and heal from negative life experiences.

    What's Going On w/ Frenchie Davis 2/9/22

    The Pre-Valentine's Day Panel hosted by Frenchie Davis was a ton of fun, especially when chatting alongside sex educator, Dirty Lola & erotic poet, Mo Beasly.

    Modern Anarchy Podcast Ep33

    Such a great conversation with the wonderful Nicole Thompson. When I listened to it again, I actually inspired myself. 

    Wild & Sublime Guest Tazima Parris 

    Check out all the W&S episodes that I've dropped in on. Special thanks to the host, Karen Yates, for having me. 

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