• Activate Intimacy

    Quality connection and effective communication in your relationship.

    Relationship Vision Support

    Relationship Vision Support

    $650 value - 75-min coaching session

    Need help completing your Relationship Vision Worksheet? Have a pressing challenge in your love life? Want to reduce your online dating drama?

    Don't do it alone. Get support.
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  • Activate Pleasure

    More self-care, more pleasure.

    Rosebud Woman - Travel Kit

    Ritual Travel Kit - $28

    I absolutely love the Rosebud Woman product line because of their commitment to purity, sustainability, and honoring women's bodies.


    It's luxury skincare for your vulva... and yes, you are worth it.


    This Ritual Travel Kit includes a bit of everything:

    • Refresh - Cleansing Wipes | Cleans and Cools Safely, without Surfactants or Soaps. Bamboo Cloth.
    • Soothe - Calming Cream | Calms and Cools Redness, Reduces Irritation and Swelling. 
    • Arouse - Stimulating Serum | Stimulates and Lubricates, Plumps and Tingles. 
    • Honor - Everyday Balm | Adds Moisture, Improves Skin Density, Provides Daily Nourishment.

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    Rosebud Woman - Arouse

    Arouse Stimulating Serum - $75

    Arouse is formulated with traditional aphrodisiacal ingredients. I love that it generates a tingling sensation and stimulates your body's natural moisturizing mechanism.


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  • Tazima Recommends...

    These are my top go-to items for boosting sensual pleasure

    Bella Aqua D'Amore

    CBD-Infused Lube

    If you're gonna use a topical lube, this is the one I'd recommend. Bella Aqua D'Amore is a premium water-based lube, which means it is safe for condoms and toys.


    This lube enhances blood flow AND is anti-inflammatory... both good things for intimacy. Fantastic for self-pleasure and partnered play.


    When I field-tested this stuff, my husband and I used an entire 2.5 oz bottle on a weekend getaway. Just sayin'.

    The Satisfyer (Clitoris Stimulator)

    Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

    Oh my! I figured it would probably be pretty good. I never had an orgasm sneak up on me with a vibrator, until I field-tested this one.


    This air-pulse suction offers direct clitoris stimulation in a variety of modes from subtle to intense.


    80% of people with vulvas need direct clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasms.

    Rain (Bullet Vibrator)

    Rain 7 Function Textured Bullet Vibrator

    This is is my favorite vibrator. I recommend it to my clients and offer them in gift bags.


    They are small, simple, and have lower settings. Most vibrators are too intense—like a jackhammer on fine China. Your clitoris has 8000 nerve endings, so you don't need all that.


    The variety of pulse settings help make play and exploration more interesting and pleasurable.

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