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    "Yes To Pleasure"

    An online workshop about feminine pleasure, its benefits, what's blocking your access to pleasure, and the link between pleasure and power.

  • What Clients Are Saying...

    More Intimacy

    “I didn't realize I was sacrificing my own pleasure to serve my partner's and that caused me to feel resentful. This insight was a game-changer for me! With Tazima's help, now I prioritize my pleasure, I ask for what I need, and I enjoy more intimacy with my partner.”

    — Kate W.

    More Safety

    “I was avoiding sex due to discomfort and pain. But, I knew our lack of intimacy would eventually hurt my marriage. During my sessions with Tazima, I saw how my childhood baggage was shutting me down. Now I'm working with my husband, asking for what I need. We're taking it slow, but I feel safe to explore with him.”

    — Jenna K.

    More Confidence

    “When I met Tazima, I was getting out of a bad break up. I didn't know exactly what I wanted, but I knew what I did NOT want. In just a few weeks, I had the clarity to make decisions in my dating life and the confidence to say no when it wasn't working for me. I even took what I learned to negotiate for a better salary for a new job... $11k more than their original offer.”

    — Allison J.