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    Here is what clients are saying about their work with Tazima...

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    Kathy W. (35 y)

    "Before Tazima, it was Netflix & chill with my cat instead of dating men. After 4 years of being VERY single and a few painful breakups, I'm so happy to be seeing a really great guy."

    Dating was painful with awkward conversations, weird mixed messages, and ghosting. I started thinking there might be something wrong with me. Tazima helped me see how my baggage was clouding my perception of men. Now, I can share my desires with confidence, and my new guy is open and supportive of me.

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    Donna R. (61 y)

    "With Tazima's help, I learned about my body and rediscovered pleasure after decades of boredom in the bedroom."

    My husband and I were like roommates. I love him, but we just weren't connecting and I didn't know how to change it. Now, I feel more alive than I have in years!

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    Jennifer J. (38 y)

    "I am finally getting exactly the attention and intimacy from my husband I have been wanting for years!"

    I used to be so frustrated and I knew I needed help to change my situation. In just three sessions, Tazima helped me totally shift my perspective and take control! Since I've been implementing these little changes, I feel more energized and connected with my purpose.

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    Hannah P. (40 y)

    "OMG! This woman is a miracle worker!"

    I hated online dating, but I didn't want to stay single. Before I started coaching with Tazima, I used to spend days (and sometimes weeks) trying to figure out which guy to see again or if it was even worth my limited time. Now, I can determine in 30 seconds whether I want to keep going or cut it off.

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    Nancy G. (23 y)

    "Best. Breakup. Ever. This might not sound good, but it's amazing."

    I was with a guy I would have married but I know now that I would have been miserable. Tazima helped me identify what I REALLY want and I communicate that up front. Now I don't waste my time with guys who don't want the same thing. I'm still dating for now but I'm having a LOT more fun. I also shared what I learned from Tazima with my best friends. Now, we support each other to stay strong and hold higher standards. This is a major bonus I hadn't anticipated.

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