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    Premieres Friday, August 11, 2023

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    I Like BIG Butts - Body Shape Preferences & Biological Benefits

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    Engage in a dynamic, interactive, revolutionary, open-minded conversation. We’re open to everybody and nobody is wrong. We are holding safe, brave space for real conversation and sometimes agree to disagree. We believe the human race should have a better fucking conversation. And sex is an awesome topic that is important to most of the humans. The best way to influence change is to be truly open-minded to a variety of perspectives.


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    Episode 1 (Aug 11th):

    I Like Big Butts

    Body Shape Preferences & Biological Benefits.


    Did you know that fat-bottom ladies make smarter babies? Let's talk about it.


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    Episode 2 (Sept 8th):

    More than Two

    Threesomes & Triads: Exploring Intimacy with Alternative Relationship Styles and Ethical Non-Monogamy.


    How do you deal with jealousy?